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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a group of innovation driven experts passionate about creating unique IoT solutions.

We help our customers to bring valuable solutions to the market and to achieve absolute customers' satisfaction.

Smart city

We are experts in developing and implementing solutions that improve the infrastructure of cities and cover such areas as smart traffic, smart parking, security, intelligent lighting, waste management, energy consumption management, and air and water pollution monitoring.

Smart Agriculture

Our smart agriculture solutions are developed for Improving the economic performance of the enterprise due to the introduction of an integrated automated monitoring system and data-driven "just in time" decision making.

Industry 4.0

Developing industrial solutions, including Cloud computing solutions, AI&BI solutions, and data analytics, we help our customers optimize and automate processes in supply chain and transform production and delivery into industry 4.0, aiming at a customer-centric business model.

AI/BI Solutions

We develop all-in packaged AI & BI Solutions, that help our customers to achieve the sustainable growth of a business and to serve their customers more effectively.

How We Work

We have everything you need to your business into industry leader.

Our daily work is based on the three main domains: innovation, quality, sustainability.

IT Counsulting

We provide a full range of consulting services, analyzing the needs of our clients, and planning the optimal solution, taking into account the current market situation, business goals of our customers, and analysis of competitors' solutions.

IoT Network construction

Together with our partners Cisco Inc., Actility, and IoT Ukraine, we provide a complete suite of service planning, construction, and maintenance services for the creation of new IoT networks infrastructure.

Network connectivity solutions

Our solution allows you to monitor and manage core IoT metrics and networking devices based on end-to-end principe.

Our stunning Partners

These are some of our recent partners and we are so excited to to create the future together.

IoT Ukraine

The first national IoT Network Operator in Ukraine

IoT Ukraine

IoT Ukraine is an in Kyiv based IoT Network Operator company, which provide the IoT connectivity infrastructure based on the LoRaWan module


Leader in IoT connectivity solutions


As a network server partner, Actility provides high-quality network Solutions for us, our partners, and customers.

Cisco Inc.

World leading telecomunication hardware provider

Cisco Inc.

Cisco Inc. is the world leader in the production of telecommunications equipment

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